A downloadable game for Windows

The Factory is a short first person horror game set in a run down waste disposal facility where you have to avoid death from a monster chasing you and various environmental dangers.

You are without any help and your only advantage is your increased maneuverability over the monster. You can slide and jump over obstacles that your pursuer has more trouble with, but even if you can get away, you'll never know when the chase could resume. It could be waiting around any corner for you. 


[W] [A] [S] [D] Movement

[SHIFT] Sprint



[RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON] or  [F] Flashlight on/off

[Q] Slide


Producer/Programmer  Jakob Hamilton

Game Desgner Lester Chau

3D modeller/Game Designer Shuyu Liu

Programmer Ross Luo

Programmer Colin Tse

Artist Wei Jian Goh

Animator/Artist Alice Wu


The Factory Setup.exe 198 MB


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Probably the same issue as mentioned by anythinggaming, but it was way too difficult to control. Desperately needs some options for mouse sensitivity and on a lesser note motion blur, as both were so high it was practically impossible to navigate. Looks neat, but unfortunately I could not really play it as it currently controls. Also, regardless of what resolution I put the game in most of the menus ended up getting cut off.


I have tried to play this game but moving left and right is weird you can't move with the mouse and I just find it really hard to play.

thanks, I thought I fixed that, but apparently I made some mistakes, it's hopefully fixed now

ok thank you